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AMAZONAS Traveller Camp – advantages of the hammock-mosquitonet-tarp combo

Outdoor hammock, mosquito net and tarp - the Traveller Camp is the perfect solution for hammock camping beginners who want to have everything they need for sleeping in a hammock in one product. In addition, the Traveller Camp is designed in such a way that it can be set up quickly and easily in just a few steps.
This is also appreciated by wild camping professionals who don't want to spend much time setting up a hammock.
This complete hammock set is the result of decades of hammock use and production. It combines many technically sophisticated features with easy and quick handling.

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The most important advantages of the outdoor hammock set, Traveller Camp:

 1. Complete set*, consisting of a hammock, mosquito net and tarp, contains everything you need for your outdoor hammock overnight stay.

• The ultra-light hammock is sewn from parachute silk and has a thermal compartment into which you can slide an insulating mat to protect you from the cold.
• The extra-large mosquito net with double zips protects you against insects
• The tarp protects you from wind and rain
*Tree hanging ropes are not included.

2. Simple and quick assembly. Because the individual components are connected to each other, you no longer have to laboriously assemble the hammock, tarp and mosquito net individually. The Traveller Camp can be set up in just a few minutes.

Fasten the hammock to the trees (white arrows help you here)
Tighten the ridgeline, which tightens the tarp
Set the height of the hammock
Fasten the 4 corners of the tarp to the ground using the herrings.

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3. Various setups possible. The Traveller Camp is particularly flexible in use. Depending on the situation, you can set it up variably.
Between 2 trees, in a classic way. You can "unfold" one side of the tarp when the weather is nice.
Only as a tarp, for floor sleepers or to have protection from the rain under the hammock during the day. The hammock can be lashed under the tarp ridge with the help of the suspension ropes, so you have plenty of space underneath.
Withought suitable trees assambled in a so-called ground setup. You can use hiking sticks or long branches to stretch the suspension points up so that a kind of tent is formed.

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Other advantages of the Traveller Camp hammock set:

4. Comfortable sleeping in the hammock. The lying surface of the hammock is extra large at approx. 275x140cm, so that you can stretch out diagonally with a straight back using the Brazilian lying technique.

5. Protection from the cold from below thanks to the integrated thermal compartment on the underside of the hammock, whre you can slide in a sleeping mat for more heat insulation. Our patented thermal compartment is sewn diagonally so that you can use the Brazilian lying technique.

6. The extra large mosquito net not only offers you protection against mosquitoes, but also forms a cozy safe space that isolates you somewhat from the environment. At the same time, the particularly small meshes allow a good view of the surroundings, which can be very helpful in the event of strange noises at night.
The Ridgeline runs inside the mosquito net and offers the possibility to hang a flashlight or an Organizer or wet clothes to dry.

7. The integrated tarp with sewn mosquito net is PUR coated and water-repellent. If the tarp got wet, the hammock doesn't have to get wet when you take it down. Simply tighten the hammock and mosquito net high under the tarp and fold the tarp around the hammock. Both the storage pockets for the tension cords and the bottom of the pack sack are made of mesh material, which promotes quick drying.

8. Due to the ultra-light material, the Traveller Camp is partcularly light and compact and can be compressed to the size of a small football using the compression buckles.

Thanks to these many advantages, the Traveller Camp enables you to spend a relaxing night in the hammock without much previous knowledge of setting up a hammock.

Escape your everyday life and experience your micro-adventure! Enjoy the freedom in nature and create unforgettable memories!
Here is a little video about the Traveller Camp:

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For the Traveller Camp we recommend the T-Straps as suspension ropes, as well as the Underquilt for even more thermal insulation so that you can sleep outside in winter.

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