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AMAZONAS hammock tarps: materials and coatings

AMAZONAS Ultra-Light tarps are divided into two categories, just like our ultra-light hammocks. The extremely light and compact ADVENTURE series includes tarps made of silnylon, the TRAVELLER series the somewhat heavier and robust tarp made of polyester..

Both fabrics are woven using what is known as Ripstop technique.
This technique allows both series to have a high tensile strength. Should a small hole appear in the hammock, the cross-laid threads prevent the hole from enlarging.



Traveller Tarp, Traveller Wing Tarp, Traveller Tarp XXL, Traveller Tarp forest


Material: polyester
Ripstop technique: 210T
Weight: light
Coating: polyurethane-coated incl. seams, PVC free
Water column: ca. 3000 mm

Robust, because of the more densely woven material
Tear resistant, UV resistant and waterproof
High water column thanks to the polyurethane coating
Long durability due to low susceptibility to abrasion
Can be used as a moisture barrier on the ground (however, care must be taken to ensure that the ground is free of stones, broken branches and other sharp objects).

Less sensitive to flying sparks from campfires than nylon
No stretching when wet (does not need to be retightened after installation)
Low price

Higher weight
Higher pack size
• Must be folded neatly to fit in the pack sack because of the coating


Suitable for:
Overnight stays lasting several days, bivouacking in winter, hammock camping with a campfire, trips where weight is not an issue.



Adventure Tarp, Adventure Wing Tarp


Material: extra stable silnylon*
Ripstop technique: 20D
Weight: ultra-light
Coating: high-quality elastic silicone 2-ply coating, PVC free
Water column: ca. 2000 mm

*Silnylon is extremely smooth. The beading effect is a big advantage, and there is much less water pressure because the water flows off better. Weather protection is thus also ensured even in heavy rain, provided that the tarp has a sufficient gradient so that no large water pockets form.

Particularly lightweight, as a result of the 20D weave
• Particularly small pack size
Very tear-resistant, permanently UV-resistant and waterproof, thanks to the combination of siliconisation and Ripstop technology.
Easier to pack
Thanks to the smooth coating, there is hardly any friction and therefore the pack size is still excellent when the tarp is simply stuffed into the pack sack. Stuffing is even recommended by premium tent manufacturers for this material. This is not only much less stressful for the user, but also protects the coating from buckling in the same places.

Sensitive to flying sparks and perforation by branches and sharp objects
Higher price
Retensioning may be necessary as the fabric expands when wet.
For this reason, we have attached the tensioning cords in such a way that the tensioning does not occur in the lower part, by the pegs, as is the case with tents, but at the top, so that you can stay dry under the tarp. By the way, this is why we did not run the tensioning cord on the tarp through a fabric loop, as is usually the case, but specially inserted an aluminium ring in between, so as to reduce wear and tear when tensioning.


Suitable for:
One-day overnight stays, cycling, canoeing tours, trips where weight is a significant factor.


Here you can find all AMAZONAS Ultra-Light tarps at a glance.



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