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Traveller Camp
Traveller Camp
Traveller Camp
Traveller Camp
Traveller Camp
Traveller Camp
Traveller Camp
Traveller Camp
Traveller Camp
Traveller Camp
  • Kompakthängematte"Moskitonetz"Einschubfach"

Traveller Camp

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    Hammock Floor
    Hammock Floor
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    AMAZONAS Traveller Camp The combination of mosquito-hammock and tarp All-in-one...more

    AMAZONAS Traveller Camp

    The combination of mosquito-hammock and tarp

    All-in-one Set-Up
    The Traveller Camp consists of an ultra-light hammock that is firmly connected to a tarp via an extra-large mosquito net. This gives you a place to sleep, a mosquito net and protection from wind and rain all in one.

    Easy to assemble with a few simple steps
    Suspend the hammock between two trees. (Thanks to the white arrows on the hammock attachments, you can immediately see where the hammock should be attached common tree attachments). Then tension the pre-assembled Ridgeline and adjust the height of the hammock as required. Then fix the four corners of the tarp to the ground using the ropes and pegs supplied. The Ridgeline, the rope that holds the tarp, is already pre-assembled. You can adjust it comfortably and steplessly with the help of a special carabiner to tension the tarp.

    Hammock with diagonal compartment for all typical trekking thermal mats
    To protect yourself from the cold from below, you previously only had the option of placing an insulating mat in the hammock. The result was that the mat would slip during the night and it would get very cold from below. That's why we developed the thermo hammocks. These have a practical compartment on the underside with reinforced seams for an insulating mat. This means you can sleep warm and safe in your outdoor hammock even on colder days. All "typical" sleeping mats used for trekking tours fit into the compartment (Regular: approx. 183 x 51 cm; Large: approx. 198 x 65 cm). Luxury mattresses' with a thickness of up to 7 cm also fit in the compartment. They are relatively large, but because it is more comfortable, they can always be used slightly 'under inflated'. This way they adapt better to the body and the lying comfort is increased.

    Extra-large mosquito-net without spreader bars
    With the mosquito net already sewn on, the hammock offers a large interior space without having to be spread open. This creates the feeling of a pleasantly protected space.
    The ridgeline that runs inside the net offers you the possibility to store an Organizer or small items within easy reach.

    Also useable without hammock as a tarp or ground tent
    The Traveller Camp can also be used as a tarp. Simply pull the hammock upwards with the adjustable straps and stow it directly underneath the tarp. This creates a shelter underneath in case of rain, for example.
    If you don't have two trees at the right distance apart, you can also use the Traveller Camp on the ground. To do this, tie down the suspension points using long branches or hiking poles.

    Scope of delivery:

    Ultralight hammock with sewn-on tarp incl. mosquito net and suspension straps (tree suspension not included)


    Lying surface: ca.275x140cm
    Weight: ca.1,6kg
    Load-bearing capacity: max. 200kg
    mosquito net: yes
    Water column: ca. 3. 000mm
    thermal compartment or built-in thermal protection: yes
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    Customer evaluation for "Traveller Camp"
    6 Sep 2023

    Mega viel Platz im Moskitonetz!

    Also ich hab schon einige Moskitohängematten ausprobiert. Aber diese hier hat mit Abstand den größten Platz innerhalb des Moskitonetztes. Man füllt sich Null eingeengt, hat ewig viel Platz zu allen Seiten. ich konnte sogar meinen Kleinkram in den "Netztaschen" (wenn das Netz etwas über den Hängemattenrand hängt) verstauen.

    30 Aug 2023

    Super einfacher Aufbau und alles dabei!

    Ich war echt überrascht, wei schnell und einfach das Aufhängen ging! Es war wirklich in wenigen Handgriffen erledigt und ich hatte meine Hängematte, Moskitonetz und Tarp aufgebaut. Echt durchdachtes Produkt! Ein kleiner Negativpunkt, wenn es schon eine Komplettlösung ist, sollten auch ´Baumgurte mitgeliefert, bzw. integriert werden. Ansonsten Top!

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