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Hanging up hammocks safely – here's what you should keep in mind!

When hanging up your hammock, you should always pay attention to your safety. Here are some important tips for you, so that you can hang out in a relaxed way.

• Check your equipment! Before each hammock use, you should check your hammock, including accessories, for any holes, tears or damage.

• Pay attention to the maximum load capacity of your hammock and the suspension ropes. The weight increases, for example, if you want to enjoy the hammock as a twosome, or if it’s winter and you are wearing more clothes or put a heavy trekking rucksack in the hammock.

• The stability of the suspension points is essential for survival. The most common sources of danger are rotten tree branches, wobbly rocks or rusty posts. Before attaching your hammock, please make sure that the suspension point is firmly anchored and can hold your weight.

• Be aware of the danger from overhead! Falling coconuts on the beach or falling branches in the forest, as well as falling rocks beneath large cliffs, can lead to serious injuries.

• Only use heavy-duty ropes to fasten your hammock. Friction on sharp-edged rocks or particularly rough tree bark can cause ropes that are unduly thin to break.

• Always ensure a low drop height so that nothing happens to you in the event of a fall. Under no circumstances should you hang your hammock higher than 40-50 cm above the ground!

• Avoid sharp objects on your clothing or outdoor equipment, as well as pointed branches near the hammock. These can damage it and reduce the tensile strength of the material.

Sparks from a campfire can also burn small holes in the hammock. Our ADVENTURE HAMMOCK is made out of 20D ripstop nylon. In spite of being so lightweight, this ultralight, breathable fabric is exceptionally robust and tear-resistant. For example, if a sharp object on your clothes makes a small hole in the hammock, it doesn’t turn into a ‘runner’ and will not tear.

Now that you have your hammock securely fastened, all you need to know is how to lie in your hammock correctly!

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