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Amazonas Organizer - the practical storage bag for items in your hammock.

The Amazonas organizer for ultralight outdoor hammocks with mosquito net allows you to store your outdoor equipment, such as torch, knife or even your mobile phone conveniently and within reach inside your hammock.

Advantages of the Organizer in your hammock

When spending the night in your outdoor hammock, you need to have a few essential items close at hand. If you just put them in the sleeping area of the hammock, they can slip under your body and be hard to find again. This can't happen with the Organzier, because the items are neatly stowed away and within sight above you.

In the past, Amazonas Ultra-Light Outdoor Hammocks were equipped with pockets on the mosquito net. The mosquito net was often pulled too far into the interior by the weight of the items stored in it, which is no longer the case with the organizer attached to the Ridgeline.

Attaching the Organizer to the ridgeline of your hammock:

The Organizer is attached to the ridgeline with 2 clips. You can move it flexibly along the ridgeline. You don't have to thread it through the ridgeline of the mosquito net hammock and can simply put it in your rucksack together with your valuables when packing. A cord with a locking button prevents anything from falling out of the organiser. The organiser is also made of transparent mosquito net fabric, so you can not only see what's inside, but also place a torch vertically inside.

The Organizer is suitable for hammocks with a ridgeline that runs inside the mosquito net. (available from 2023 for most Amazonas Ultra-Light mosquito hammocks).

If you are using a hammock without a mosquito net, you can still attach the Organizer above the hammock using an additional cord that you loop around the trees.

The Organizer is explained here. (included with the Adventure Hero XXL):

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