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What kind of ropes do you need to hang up your outdoor hammock?

For the attachment of our outdoor hammocks, there are various suspension sets available such as eco-friendly tree straps or ultra-light rope systems. As a camper or backpacker you need different ropes from someone who wants to spend the night outdoors. Here you can find out which suspension system suits your chosen outdoor activity best!

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 Adventure Rope  T-Strap  Microrope


If you want to put together your own outdoor hammock and a suspension set, the following applies:

Go for a SENSIBLE combination, according to YOUR PERSONAL requirements!

Hammock ropes WITHOUT tree strap

MICROROPE – the cheap and easy hammock rope:


The simplest ropes for an outdoor hammock are our MICROROPES. They are infinitely adjustable, but a bit more laborious than our other suspension sets. In addition, they do not come with tree protection. You should only attach these hammock ropes to posts, frames, vehicles and the like. For use on living trees, it is essential to use an additional tree strap.


Hammock ropes WITH tree strap
When hanging hammocks, tree straps have become an absolute must-have for wild campers everywhere! Tree protection should come first when hammock camping, because::

if you don't have trees, you can’t hang a hammock!

 T-STRAP – the robust and exceedingly solid hammock strap


A popular hammock suspension system with tree protection is the T-STRAP. This consists of two wide, tree-protecting webbings, ultra-robust and adjustable with a speedy and infinitely variable metal buckle. With a load capacity of up to 200 kilos, these ropes are also ideal as a robust tensioning strap or as an extremely stable suspension system for attaching hammocks to trusses, steel beams, vehicle roof beams or angular timbers.

•  ADVENTURE ROPE – the ultralight hammock cable with integrated tree strap


If you favour the fast, ultra-light and convenient, our ADVENTURE ROPE is the right choice for you. The ropes, made of superlight and almost stretch-free Dyneema material, are adjusted with the help of a our ‘Woopy Sling’, and include an integrated tree guard. The connection to the hammock is achieved with a soft carabiner, which makes slipping out absolutely impossible. The total weight is an unbelievable 90 grams, and the ropes are so small that they fit into any trouser pocket!


Hammock with integrated ropes – the cheap all-round solution


This ultra-light hammock comes with integrated suspension ropes. The TRAVEL SET is our simplest entry-level model and comes with two times 3 metres of rope and simple metal hooks. When attaching the hammock, the rope is wrapped around a tree one or more times and then hooked in. This is THE complete solution for all those who just want to chill out, or who want to try out hammock camping for the first time without having to invest in a high-priced professional suspension set.

Here you can find further tips on How to hang your hammock correctly!

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