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Thermal hammock with patented compartment for an insulating mat

A thermal hammock with a compartment, like our Moskito Traveller Thermo, allows you to place an insulating mat underneath the hammock. This gives you enhanced thermal insulation, because when you spend the night in an outdoor hammock it often gets cold from below. Since a sleeping bag or thick jacket is flattened by your own weight when lying in a hammock, they lose their warming function.

Patented thermal compartment for an insulating mat in the hammock – here’s what it gives you!

• Insulating mat does not slip around in the thermal hammock
Anyone who has ever tried just to put an insulating mat in the hammock will have found that it slips during the night when you turn over. Inserted in a thermal compartment, the insulating mat is fixed and can no longer slip out of place.

• Comfortable to lie in as the hammock has a diagonal compartment
Amazonas is the only hammock manufacturer to have a patented diagonally sewn insert compartment for sleeping mats. Why diagonally? Because this is the only way to sleep comfortably with your back stretched out according to the Brazilian lying technique.

• Saves weight when wild camping with or without a hammock
Since you often have an insulating mat with you anyway when wild camping, for sitting or sleeping on the ground, you save the weight of an extra protection against the cold such as an underquilt. The second layer of fabric for the thermal compartment adds minimal weight, as like the hammock it is sewn from ultra-light parachute silk.

Click here to learn about the various advantages and disadvantages between an underquilt and a thermal hammock.

• Thermal compartment can be used flexibly at different temperatures.
On warm nights, you can simply leave the thermal compartment empty. It won’t interfere with your sleep. In particularly cold temperatures, the compartment is sewn in such a way that you can easily use an insulating mat and an additional underquilt.

• Thermal compartment is suitable for use with all standard insulating mats.
The thermal compartment in our hammocks is designed to fit all common insulating mat sizes. So you don’t have to buy an insulating mat specially. The most common mat sizes for trekking tours are ‘Regular’ (approx. 183 x 51 cm) and ‘Large’ (approx. 200 x 60 cm).

Tip: Always leave your insulating mat slightly ‘under-inflated’ for use in the hammock, i.e. not fully blown up as it is when you are sleeping on the ground. This way it adapts better to the shape of the hammock and you lie much more comfortably.


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