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Ripstop material in hammocks and tarps

Hammocks and tarps made of ripstop material are much more tear-resistant than traditionally woven fabrics. Many well-known manufacturers of ultra-light tents and outdoor equipment use this extremely light fabric which is woven using a special technique.

What is special about Ripstop technology?
Ripstop is a special type of woven nylon or polyester fabric. Threads are woven crosswise so that, should a small hole occur, the tear does not extend over the entire fabric like a ‘running loop’, but is stopped by the next thread’s crosswise reinforcement.

This ensures
• high tear resistance
• long service life
of your hammock
• safety

AMAZONAS Ultra-Light hammocks and tarps are made of two different thicknesses of the Ripstop material. This means they have different properties.
Based on this difference, we divide our products into the TRAVELLER series and the ADVENTURE series.


Here’s how you can avoid getting holes in the Ripstop material. Be careful of

flying sparks from a campfire
sharp branches, thorns and rocky projections
sharp objects in your clothing or rucksack
children biting your hammock (my son! ;-)


How to repair a small hole in the ripstop material

Small holes are not a problem for your safety, as the ripstop material reduces the risk of larger tears. Nevertheless, it is better to close up the hole as soon as possible.
For small holes, adhesive patches for nylon or polyester will do the job.
Larger tears should be sewn, and additionally strengthened with an adhesive patch.


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