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Moskito-Traveller Quilted XXL

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    AMAZONAS Ultra-Light Hammock Moskito-Traveller Quilted XXL The XXL light hammock with...more

    AMAZONAS Ultra-Light Hammock Moskito-Traveller Quilted XXL

    The XXL light hammock with comfortable mosquito net and integrated thermal protection from below

    Do you love spending time in the open air and sleeping outdoors in a hammock on cold days? To protect yourself against the cold from below, in the past you only had the option of putting an extra sleeping pad in the hammock or taking an extra underquilt with you. To save extra luggage, weight and time when setting up, we have now developed the Quilted Hammock to make things easier for you. This has a built-in thermal insulating layer of hollow fibre filling under the extra large surface, which means you can sleep warm and safe in your outdoor hammock even on colder days. The thermal insulation works like a built-in underquilt and is attached in such a way that it is not pressed too hard against the lying surface when the hammock is used – this guarantees an additional insulating air cushion between the hammock and the thermal insulation.

    Flying or crawling insects no longer a concern

    The Moskito-Traveller Quilted XXL protects you not only from the cold of the ground, but also from flying insects such as mosquitoes and gnats as well as crawling insects such as ticks, ants and cockroaches. The entrance is on one side by means of a double zip.

    Mosquito net with spreader bars

    With the patented spreader bars, the mosquito net can be stretched open to form a large interior space. This creates the feeling of a pleasantly protected enclosure. With the help of the integrated rope, the net is tensioned away from the body.

    Also possible without mosquito net

    The Moskito-Traveller Quilted XXL can also be used without a mosquito net. Simply remove the spreader bars, extend the guy rope and turn the lying surface downwards. The net then nestles beneath the new lying surface.

    Now even speedier...

    Thanks to the permanently installed, length-adjustable mosquito net suspension and the optimised pack sack, the Moskito-Traveller Quilted XXL can be set up and taken down in next to no time. No additional tensioning points are needed for the ridgeline.

    Scope of delivery

    Lightweight hammock Moskito-Traveller Quilted XXL with 2 spreader bars, integrated mosquito net and thermal protection from below.
    Fastening ropes are not included as part of the delivery.


    Lying surface: 305x160cm
    Total length (including suspension loops): ca. 335 cm
    Load-bearing capacity: max. 200 kg
    Sleep zone: ca. ≥ 5°C / 41° F
    Material: 100% Nylon-Ripstop (210D)
    Filling: 100 % polyester (hollow fibre)
    Ultralight-Revolution: Light
    Incl. suspension: no
    impregnation: no
    mosquito net: yes, ca. 155-230 meshes / square inch
    spreader bars: yes
    thermal compartment or built-in thermal protection: yes
    Chill-or-sleep: Sleep
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    Customer evaluation for "Moskito-Traveller Quilted XXL"
    22 Mar 2023

    Die Verarbeitung ist top (wie bei den anderen Produkten von Amazonas) Was mir nicht so gut gefällt, ist durch den angenähten Underquilt die Liegerichtung Kopf links, Beine rechts vorgegeben. Bei der Matte mit Einschub ist es genau anders herum. Aber das i

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