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Goose Down Underquilt – Advantages of down over hollow fiber filling for cold protection in your hammock

An Underquilt is the ultimate protection from the cold when spending the night in your outdoor hammock. 
Amazonas Ultra-Light Underquilts have all been made of hollow fiber so far. We now also have a Goose Down Underquilt with a filling of certified goose down, which is particularly suitable for winter camping in an outdoor hammock

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Advantages of the Goose Down Underquilt over a hollow fiber Underquilt:

1. Greater thermal insulation in your hammock
Down has a higher fill power and therefore offers better thermal insulation in relation to weight than hollow fiber.

2. Better compressibility of the underquilt 
Down is extremely compressible, making it ideal for transport. The special packaging bag from Goose Down Underquilt, which is equipped with compression strafür SEO

3. Low weight for a hammock tour
Underquilts made from down are particularly light. They don't take up much space in your backpack, which is ideal for hammock camping overnighters. With the weight of just under 1kg, the down underquilt offers twice as much thermal insulation as an underquilt made of hollow fiber.

4. Breathability in your hammock
Down has natural properties that allow good air circulation. They can efficiently wick away moisture and thus ensure good ventilation.

5. Water-repellent surface to protect against moisture
Knowing that down is sensitive to moisture, we have given our down underquilt a water-repellent surface.

6. High durability of a down underquilt
High-quality down underquilts are typically durable and can last for years if cared for properly. They retain their insulating ability over a long period of time.

Down also has some limitations compared to hollow fiber:

1. Sensitivity to moisture
Down is more susceptible to moisture and takes longer to dry.

2. Storage is best spread out
To ensure that down retains its fluffiness over a longer storage period, the underquilt, like any down sleeping bag, should be stored spread out or at least shaken up regularly.

3. Ethical concerns regarding animal welfare during production
When using down for our hammock underquilt, it was important to us to only use certified down.

4. High price of the underquilt
Due to the high animal welfare standards during production, the price of an underquilt is significantly higher than that of a hollow fiber underquilt.

Whichever underquilt you choose for an overnight stay in your outdoor hammock, you should definitely ensure additional insulation from above and protection from snow or rain, for example with a tarp.

Here you will find tips for attaching an underquilt to a hammock.

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