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Fastening an underquilt to a hammock – instructions

An underquilt is thermal protection for your hammock. It attaches underneath the hammock and prevents you from freezing when wild camping in a hammock.

Here’s the right way of attaching your underquilt to the hammock:

1. Hang the underquilt loosely underneath your hammock and attach it to the ends of the hammock with the thick straps. Pull the straps tight.
2. Attach the thin ropes to the tree trunks so that the underquilt does not slip.
3. Gather the ropes in the middle of the underquilt in such a way that its edges are over the edges of the hammock. Caution: Do not pull too tight! The underquilt should still form an air cushion underneath the hammock.
4. Fine-tune the adjustment of the underquilt with the help of the ropes in the middle after you are lying in the hammock.

Further tip and tricks to be aware of when hanging an underquilt!

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