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Moskito Traveller Quilted – five benefits of the hammock with integrated thermal protection

The MOSKITO TRAVELLER QUILTED is a hammock with mosquito net and integrated protection against the cold – you could call it a combination of a hammock and an underquilt.

If you get cold easily when sleeping in a hammock, this outdoor hammock is perfect for you! As a combination hammock, it is perfect for cooler countries such as Sweden, where it is cold at night even in summer and you need mosquito protection almost everywhere. But even in more southerly regions, summer nights are often so cold that you need thermal insulation..

The MOSKITO TRAVELLER QUILTED hammock not only warms you from below and protects you from mosquitoes. It is also very easy to set up. This makes the Mosquito Traveller Quilted the ultimate solution for hammock camping beginners who are still a bit apprehensive about setting up a professional hammock camp.


Five benefits of the Moskito Traveller Quilted hammock

1. A ‘3 in 1’ hammock with integrated mosquito protection and thermal insulation
With this combi item* you no longer need to buy individual items for sleeping in a hammock in the open air, you already have a perfectly fitting solution.*Tree straps are not included.

2. Midge protection in the hammock
With this outdoor hammock you are not only protected against midges from above by the mosquito net, but also from below by the additional padding.

3. Thermal insulation for an overnight stay in your hammock
A warming layer of hollow fibres is sewn underneath the hammock, at a slight distance from the lying surface. This creates an air cushion which serves as heat insulation. This layer is sewn on diagonally so that you can lie comfortably with your back stretched out, using the Brazilian lying technique.

4. Exceptionally quick to set up and dismantle
With this hammock, the components (which you would otherwise have to hang up individually, e.g. ridgeline and underquilt) are already pre-assembled and can be set up in a few simple steps. Thanks to the so-called bishop’s mitre, you can easily roll up the hammock like a sock when dismantling it and stuff it into the sewn-on pack sack.

5. Light weight and compact pack size
With a weight of only 950 g, this combination is even lighter than a hammock (from approx. 450 g) and underquilt (from approx. 990 g) together. The pack size of 35*17cm is also smaller than two individual items.

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