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Ultra-light hammock in the van or camper – five reasons why you should always have one with you!

These are the five benefits of having an ultra-light hammock in your van

1. An ultra-light hammock saves space
Rolled up to the size of a drinks can, a hammock made of parachute silk, takes up hardly any space even in a crowded bus or van.

2. An ultra-light hammock saves weight
On a motorhome or van trip, every kilo counts, because of the risk of overloading. Our outdoor hammocks weigh about as much as a packet of butter.

3. A hammock replaces outdoor furniture
Anyone travelling with a camper or bus spends a lot of time outside in front of the camper. In this setting, the hammock can not only replace a deck chair, it is also much more comfortable.

4. A hammock gives you distance
No matter how much you love your camper or van, sometimes you need some space from the bus or your fellow travellers. A travel hammock offers the perfect option to get away from it all!

5. A hammock can replace a bed
Especially on hot nights, when it’s too stuffy in the camper, you can definitely spend a night in the hammock under the open sky. If you use the Brazilian lying technique, nothing stands in the way of your having a restful night with a straight back!

Click here to find out about further advantages of an ultra-light outdoor hammock!

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