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Destination Delta – a trip down the Amazon

Julian Naidu and Konstantin Pissarsky are two students who fell in love with the Amazon and the rainforest during their year of voluntary service overseas in Ecuador in 2017. Three years later, they plan to return and cross the Amazon to the Atlantic Ocean in a canoe.


‘...The unique biodiversity, the enormous trees and the sheer beauty of nature fascinated us, and even back then it occurred to us that one day we would like to cross the Amazon rainforest completely...
...Back in Germany, we became particularly aware of the tragic side of the Amazon’s future. Reports are piling up about the clearing of huge areas of forest in Brazil, leaking oil pipelines in Ecuador and indigenous tribes being harassed and expelled from their land...
The plan is to start paddling in September 2021 from the west of the Amazon basin in Ecuador, and then follow the course of the river further and further down until we reach the Atlantic.’

Julian Naidu, 06.09.2020

Julian contacted us in September 2020 and asked for support in the form of hammocks, mosquito nets and the experience of Matthias, our founder, who had done exactly the same thing years ago. At that time, Matthias spent several weeks travelling the Amazon in a dugout canoe. AMAZONAS was born out of these experiences. Matthias recognised a kinship with the two explorers and immediately agreed to support the lads with their ‘Destination Delta’ project.

We supplied them with our outdoor hammocks and tarps, which are specially designed for longer tours with many overnight stays in them. You can read about their experiences in their first test report here.

The two of them will be sleeping in our hammocks for many nights on their tour. It all depends on the right lying technique!  If you want to know more about this, click here for the Brazilian lying technique.


We are excited about this trip, and look forward to more reports from Julian and Konstantin!

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