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Tunnel Quilt – the hammock thermal protection that combines the best properties of an underquilt and a topquilt

The idea of the Tunnel Quilt came from a desire to provide hammock campers with a comprehensive thermal insulation solution. Traditional underquilts and topquilts work well independently, but when seamlessly combined they create a cocoon of warmth and comfort.

Explanation of the individual components:

1. Underquilt:

An underquilt hangs under the outdoor hammock and provides insulation to prevent heat loss from below. The distance between the hammock and the underquilt creates an insulating thermal bridge. In addition, when using an underquilt, you no longer need a sleeping pad, or at most in particularly cold temperatures to increase the thermal output.

2. Topquilt:

A Topquilt is similar to a traditional sleeping bag, but was specifically designed for use in the outdoor hammock. The topquilt lacks the back part, which is flattened when lying down and therefore loses its insulating function. This saves weight when wild camping with a hammock.

The Tunndel Quilt is a clever combination of underquilt and topquilt that offers many advantages over the individual components.

Advantages of the tunnel quilt over an underquilt or a topquilt:

1. All-round complete thermal protection: The Tunnel Quilt offers the best of both worlds - insulation from below and protection from above. Because there are no cold bridges between the two components, there is even greater thermal insulation in your hammock.

2. Sleeping with a straight back possible: Our Tunnel Quillt is cut extra wide at the bottom so that you can lie with a straight back using the Brazilian lying technique

3. Weight efficiency and compactness: Compared to carrying a separate underquilt and topquilt, the Tunnel Quilt reduces the overall weight of your equipment. This means more comfort and a lighter load at the same time. 1390g vs. 990g + 935g. The volume is also reduced from two individual parts roughly the size of a sleeping bag to one.

4. Simple setup: It couldn't be easier! Instead of attaching 2 items to the hammock, you simply pull the tunnel quilt over your hammock like a sock.

• Attach the bottom end to the hanging loop of the hammock.
• Hook the thin string into the hammock hanger at the head end.
• Pull the tunnel quilt up to the middle and step in.
• Use the thin adjustment cord to pull the tunnel up under your shoulders.
• Use the drawstring to tighten the shoulder area.

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This creates a cozy microclimate in your hammock. And you can also regulate the air circulation by tightening or opening the straps at the bottom.

5. The tunnel quilt as a sleeping bag: What makes the Tunnel Quilt special is its adaptability. In addition to being used as a hammock thermal protection, the tunnel quilt can also be used as a comfortable sleeping bag. This feature makes it the perfect companion for a variety of outdoor adventures.

Ready for your adventure? Whether you're an experienced hammock camper or a newbie to wild camping, the Tunnel Quilt offers a comfortable and efficient solution for everyone. Pack up your outdoor hammock, snuggle up in the tunnel quilt, and enjoy the freedom of sleeping under the stars.

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