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AMAZONAS Ultra-Light hammock comparison – ADVENTURE vs. TRAVELLER

Our Ultra-Light parachute silk hammocks are made of 100% nylon. This high-performance material is extremely durable, stable and breathable at the same time. In addition, almost all AMAZONAS Ultra-Light hammocks are woven using the Ripstop technique, which makes them particularly tear-resistant. 

Most AMAZONAS Ultra-Light hammocks are classified in two product series.  The difference between the two series lies in the thickness of the woven fibres.

In essence, the ADVENTURE series is particularly light and compact, while the TRAVELLER series is a little heavier and more robust, but still ultra-light and more competitively priced.

Here you can find out which series best suits your type of hammock overnight camping experience.



Adventure HammockAdventure Hammock XXLAdventure Moskito Hammock Thermo, Adventure Hero XXL


Material: 20D Ripstop Nylon (ultra-light revolution)
Weight: from 180 g
(with comparable models, ca. 1/3 lighter than the TRAVELLER hammocks)
Pack size: hardly bigger than a 0.3 litre water bottle
Load capacity: max. 150 kg
Multicoloured; for Moskito hammocks, green / brown


Extremely compact and light: like our Adventure Hammock for example – the lightest  king size hammock in the world (180 g)
Sensitive to flying sparks and perforation by branches and sharp objects
• Higher price

Most suitable for:
People travelling light. For one-off overnight stays, bicycle tours, canoe tours, trips where weight plays an important role.


Moskito-Traveller Thermo, Moskito-Traveller Thermo XXL, Moskito-Traveller forest, Moskito-Traveller, Moskito-Traveller Pro, Moksito-Traveller Extreme


Material: 210D Ripstop Nylon (ultra-light)
Weight: from ca. 450 g
(with comparable models, ca. 1/3 heavier than the ADVENTURE hammocks)
Pack size: hardly bigger than a 0.5 litre water bottle.
Load capacity: max. 200 kg (150 kg in the case of Moskito-Traveller and Moskito-Traveller Pro)
Multicoloured: Moskito hammocks – beige / grey


Robust, in view of the slightly more densely woven, heavier fabric
Extremely stable
Less sensitive to flying sparks and perforation by branches and sharp objects
• Lower price

Suitable for:
Overnight stays lasting several days, bivouacking in winter, hammock camping with a campfire, trips where weight is not an issue.

Find out here about the differences between ADVENTURE and TRAVELLER tarps.

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