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Attaching an underquilt to a hammock – tips and tricks

An underquilt will keep you warm while sleeping overnight in a hammock outdoors. Here you’ll find instructions on how to hang it. You should also keep the following points in mind:

Tips and tricks:
• To ensure that the underquilt fits your hammock perfectly, you should choose the underquilt size that matches your hammock size.

Instead of being attached to a tree, the fastening cord can be attached to the hammock’s suspension ropes.

• In particularly low temperatures, an underquilt can also be used in combination with an inflatable insulating mat in the thermal compartment of the hammock.

• If you are using a Moskito hammock with a ridgeline, the small carabiner can be used to attach the tensioning cords of the underquilt to the top of the ridgeline. This pulls the sides of the underquilt higher and provides even more flank protection from the cold and the wind.

• If you don’t have a ridgeline available, you can connect the tensioning cords in the middle above the hammock.

• The Underquilt Poncho can also be used as a warming drape.

Here you can find all the AMAZONAS Ultra-Light underquilts at a glance!

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