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Integrated Ridgeline with AMAZONAS Ultra-Light hammocks. These are the advantages.

The Ridgeline is the rope that stretches the mosquito net on mosquito hammocks and thus provides more space in the hammock.

Until now, the Ridgeline was supplied separately with most Amazonas Ultra-Light mosquito hammocks and had to be threaded through the suspension loops when setting up the hammock.

Now the ridgeline is moved inside the mosquito net:


To make it easier to set up our mosquito hammocks, we have moved the guy line of the mosquito net on the inside of the net. This way, when hanging the hammock, you only have to attach the ridgeline to the trees.










This change will be available on all our mosquito hammocks by mid 2023 (Moskito-Traveller Thermo is already supplied with internal ridgeline).

These are the advantages of the internal Ridgeline:

• Setting up the hammock is easier and faster
• The Ridgeline does not get lost because it is connected to the product
• The Ridgeline can be used to hang light items such as a torch or Organizer.
• With the two rope stoppers inside, the net can be optimally stretched and the interior space can be pleasantly enlarged

In the following hammocks, the ridgeline is already inside. It is also attached to the hammock and does not have to be attached to the tree:

Adventure Hero XXL, Moskito-Traveller Quilted, Moskito-Traveller forest, Moskito-Traveller Thermo, Moskito-Traveller Thermo XXL

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