Wild camping and bivouacking - rules and regula...

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Wild camping and bivouacking - rules and regulations

Wild camping and bivouacking - rules and regulations

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Many people enjoy camping as a form of vacation. And that’s understandable! Sleeping right in the middle of nature is a thrilling and exciting idea. However, camping nowadays is quite different from camping thirty years ago: The tourism industry has taken over a lot of campsites, which means a lot of unnecessary extras, luxury-accommodations and so on. In addition to that a lot of campsites are crowded with people, especially during late spring, summer or early autumn. But is that really what camping should be? No. Camping is about experiencing nature and reconnecting with it and yourself. If you are interested in that, you should consider a wild camping or bivouacking trip. Today we want to tell you what those two camping-variations are, why you should give them a try and what you have to keep in mind.

What is wild camping and bivouacking?

Wild camping is basically about finding a place in nature you would like to spend the night at and sleep there. Just place your tent or park your camper at a location you think is good for your over-night rest and you’re ready. This way you can stay away from overcrowded places and spend the night surrounded by trees, meadows and bushes. However keep in mind the laws of the country you stay in, but we’ll get to that later.
Bivouacking is a variation of wild camping. You just sleep outside, but without a tent or a camper. Depending on the season and the weather conditions, sometimes all you need is a sleeping bag and a mat. As you can imagine, during a bivouacking trip you experience nature and freedom on a whole new level and you are even more flexible than on a wild camping trip.

What are the benefits of wild camping and bivouacking?

As we mentioned earlier, those two camping variations give you the ability to get your rest away from crowded campsites right in the middle of nature, which should be enough to convince you to go on a trip like that. But if you need more arguments, consider this: You can enjoy the sounds of nature like no one else, you can reconnect with nature and experience freedom and it’s relatively cheap (if you do not break any laws). In addition to that, you can decide to rest almost everywhere (again, keep the laws in mind) and if you bivouac, think about falling asleep while looking at the stars. Sounds good right?

Rules and regulations you have to keep in mind:

The most important thing you have to know is that wild camping and bivouacking is illegal in a lot of countries. Be sure to check the laws concerning sleeping in nature or public places in the country you want to stay in. Laws in European countries for example differ a lot. And if you get caught camping in a public place although it is not allowed you’ll probably have to pay high fees and face other legal consequences.

Another important thing is the campsite itself. It should go without saying that staying on private property without permission is illegal in most countries. Choose a place away from people, cities, settlements, bars or other crowded places. If you want to wild camp, try to arrive late and leave early, an unwritten rule that you should keep in mind. Never light an open fire during a wild camping trip, it is way too dangerous for you and for the environment.

And last but not least, leave the place just like you found it. That includes taking your rubbish with you and finding the right place for a toilet and maintaining it the right way.

You see, wild camping and bivouacking are interesting and exciting alternatives to the classic camping trip. If you want to experience nature and relax away from other people, you should definitely give it a try.


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