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When hammock camping in winter, many people choose an Underquilt with goose down to ensure even greater thermal insulation in their hammock. Amazonas Ultra-Light already has some hollow fiber Underquilts in its range. Now we have also added a Goose Down Underquilt. Read about the advantages of down versus hollow fiber filling.
Hammock, tarp and mosquito net in one item! Our all-in-one outdoor overnight set Traveller Camp offers you protection from wind, rain and annoying insects. The hammock has a thermal compartment for your sleeping pad and the large mosquito net provides a comfortable, safe place under a tarp. Everything is connected and is easy to set up in minutes. Perfect for wild camping beginners!
Here you can find out why you need a ridgeline for mosquito net hammocks. How it is hung on Amazonas Ultra-Light hammocks and what has changed. We also list the advantages of the new internal Ridgeline.